✦ MMO News: Archeage OB begins for Aura Kinddom Brawler’s New Game World EQN’s Updates Pantheon KS

News: -Archeage: Open Beta Begins February 14th in Russia: http://bit.ly/MX5Xeu -Aura Kingdom: Brawler new class: http://bit.ly/1cJdd4f -Stronghold Kingdom…
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  1. Looking forward to Archage open beta, will hold me over until Elder Scrolls
    Online hits.

  2. Олег Альфа says:

    My contact skype: BenikUA

  3. Sophie Breca says:

    ✦ News:
    -Archeage: Open Beta Begins February 14th in Russia
    -Aura Kingdom: Brawler new class
    -Stronghold Kingdoms : New Game World Greets 200k Monthly Users
    -EverQuest Next: Landmark : Alpha Update
    -Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen : “We Are NOT Giving Up On KickStarter By Any

  4. Олег Альфа says:


    16.02.2014 start the game for pre-order at 10:00 Moscow time.

    that would go to the game 16.02.2014 – need to buy a pre-order, otherwise
    get 22.02.2014. I can sell a few accounts with pre-order at a price $ 75
    (payment webmoney)

  5. FraggedRabbit says:

    Stupid spell check Sophie**

  6. Pachabee says:

    Brawler class has been pretty fun =P

  7. FraggedRabbit says:

    great video sophia, keep up the good work!

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