【ArcheAge JP (アーキエイジ)】ハリハラン女 Hariharan Female Character Creation 1080p HD

どうも!ぽこたんだお^^ アーキエイジ 「最初の遠征隊」 体験中のキャラクリ動画だお! 本当に項目も多く用意されていて機会があればぜひご自身で触ってほしい出来だお! 後半の能力選択ではもう声優さんの声も入ってたお! MMORPG game that is Family Test into ArcheAge, Th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Eight videos of ArcheAge Online Character Customization organized by race/gender. Check the full playlist for the other races and gender. Like, Share, Commen…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. NahTempestMusic says:


  2. Ravalixx says:

    What is the difference between this race and the first human looking one ?
    these just seem to be younger looking ? whats the difference if you could
    explain please my korean just isnt up to par or just isnt at all 😀 hehe

  3. peanuts846 says:

    With a character creator like this I would probably make a ton of alts (if
    you can make a ton of them that is lol.)

  4. Steparu.com Gaming Channel says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty fancy now only if they had body sliders :3!

  5. this game only have facial setings?

  6. ClamDiggyDiggy says:

    Are the Hariharans shorter than Nuians?

  7. UnlimitedHeaven says:

    I hope they include more hairstyles (male). Those are insanely short
    (insane being subjective).

  8. sashaxkunx says:

    I love how you found that hair style and immediately start making Kenshin

  9. Steparu.com Gaming Channel says:

    Always in HD and Max Quality <3<3!

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