At 20,000 Artistry, the Angel Beats! Theme Sounds Sublime in ArcheAge

Try to play this at a low level and it’s going to sound like hot garbage, but Fauster has leveled up a character to 20K artistry, so every note sounds like an angel’s sigh dropping from heaven.

The tune is the “My Soul, Your Beats,” the theme from Angel Beats!, a popular 2010 anime about a high school in the afterlife. Fauster provided a link to the composition here, but again, you’re going to have to put in the work if you want it to sound as good as their version does.

On Reddit, Fauster, under the name rasengan91, explained how they leveled their artistry.

“I got to 20k so fast by taking one piece of music and copying and pasting it over and over again. As for the cost, it will cost a decent amount. I personally grew all the lumber that I turned into paper and bought all the dawn lake light essence. the other mats are from the general vendor. There are some people on Aranzeb (the server i’m on) that are higher than me. One has hit 50k already,” they said.

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