5,000 ArcheAge Accounts Banned Per Day

How serious is Trion Worlds about keeping spammers, botters and other shenanigansters out of ArcheAge? Five-thousand bans a day serious, according to Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman.

“We’re banning about 5k a day, and our own eng improves detection/action daily,” Hartsman tweeted. ArcheAge has about two million players in the West.

The revelation came in a series of tweets responding to a Reddit thread that compiles multiple exploits people have been using in the game. Although Hartsman admitted that some of what was in the thread are true, he said others are false forum bragging, and that the people who do the legit ones get banned constantly.

Hartsman said that although there is a hacking problem in ArcheAge, it’s “incredibly overexaggerated.”

You only have to look at Reddit or an ArcheAge forum to see many people complaining about their bans, but it looks like if Trion can prove you used an outside program, complaining is all you can do. Hartsman had a stern warning for those using third-party software.

“Those swept for using 3rd party software, there will be no reversals. Play legit or elsewhere. We wish you the best,” Hartmsan said.

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