Orchidna Cosplay

Amazing ArcheAge Cosplay

If it exists and seems even mildly geeky, people are going to cosplay it. Archeage is no exception, and that’s why we have this great Orchidna cosplay from Benika Bathory. You can check out the full set here, and find out more about he cosplayer here.

The set is based on the trailer above, which features the game version of Orchidna.

Orchidna is a central character to ArcheAge lore and certainly a tragic one. She was a member of the first expedition to find the birthplace of magic, which did not go well for her.

At the gate of birthplace of magic she encountered a fae that had been bound to a throne as the gatekeeper until either the end of time or until someone came to take her place. Since Orchidna talked to the fae and the world hadn’t quite ended yet, well, it was her job now. Your mama was right. Don’t talk to strangers.

Her friends made a pact to find magic to free her, but there’s no indication they ever did, and it’s possible she’s still there and not particularly happy about it.


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