Arche Age CBT3 PV

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The first in a 4 part video series on the starter areas in Korea’s newest MMO, Archeage. Archeage introduction / Character creation :…


  1. @piranaut i feel your pain man. i feel your pain.

  2. a game about climbing trees….. interesting…

  3. Imtihan Ahmed says:

    i really wish i lived in asia. that way i wouldnt have to wait 5 yrs for a
    game to come to NA…

  4. drnekodr says:

    When I heard about this game I thought it was just like Ultima online which
    is awesome. 

  5. ariodsenuke says:

    Can you make a video of how to play this game in the USA on korean servers?

  6. Super maria says:

    cant wait till this comes out….hopefully in December >.< thanks for the cool vid and lucky! you got into the KR server!!

  7. divine nwadike says:

    U forgot the mud people

  8. CrusaderCast says:

    Thanks!! 😀

  9. CrusaderCast says:

    Thanks!! 😀 I’ll try that next time haha.

  10. ShuyuKoukin says:

    Wait really? I thought it was Hah Ree Hah Rahn. Idk though since I’ve never
    played this game. I’ve only been following it since……10 minutes

  11. Noctis Caelum says:

    I still think TerA is the nicest looking MMORPG, and it runs on a pretty
    bad PC, so that’s even more impressive, really well made game. I heard end
    game not much to do though, so gameplay wise it’s not that great but
    graphically, wow.

  12. FreneticfangsFL says:

    It’s the most clear country accent I’ve heard. Keep the videos going. Very
    informative and great voice. Are there any limitations on how many items
    you can place in and around your home? Is there any furniture crafting, or
    is all the furniture/trees bought from NPCs? Thank you!

  13. Nice and well done video. It’s very clear and pleasant to watch… the
    video resolution is great, I like how you take the time to explain
    everything, and that your english is perfectly understandable for someone
    (like me) whose english is not the first language. I hope you’ll continue
    doing some more about ArcheAge 🙂

  14. CrusaderCast says:

    Thanks! I’m glad I don’t sound too bad haha. Well I haven’t gotten into
    furniture yet, but you harvest wood from your own trees you grow.

  15. CrusaderCast says:

    Thanks! I certainly will be doing more ArcheAge, check out the other videos
    and share them with your friends. Thanks again for the kind words.

  16. Fuzzy Leaves says:

    I’ve read on the forums that TRION gaming (makers of rift) are teaming with
    XL gaming ( archage) to translate and will possible be done this year :3 I
    so excited!

  17. I can hear the country accent seeping through.

  18. brian lloyd says:

    what website do you go to to but the game

  19. Neagu Andrei says:

    Not many games add desert and this one looks pretty fine. that village at
    least is awesome.

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