Arche Age – Farms & Building

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  1. well this is an interesting video, particularly because a lot of it did not
    make the actual game (like crops growing gradually, they don’t, they have

  2. ceder leenstra says:

    1:18 “They see me rolling, they hate…..” XD

  3. i bet my pantaloons it wont be f2p

  4. they already have. it gonna be TRIONS (same compagny as RIFT and etc).
    Archage has been announced for this year in NA and EU

  5. I just hope the game isn’t that dead or empty.

  6. sooooo peaceful <3

  7. John Smith says:

    Months? I duno..

  8. I hope it takes weeks to build a village or even months for large projects,
    because if you can build your things in 1 day that would be very lame and
    get boring fast.

  9. chosenxeno says:

    PS noone has commented on this video in 2 months. Yea Blizzard must be
    terrified lol #NOHYPE

  10. LordKantii says:

    Oh what the hell! this game has content…

  11. It’s quest based, the quests will level you faster than grinding.

  12. Flash bunny

  13. James Dsomething says:

    archeage seems like a game where you have to put a lot of time into it,
    which basicly makes you have no real social life..

  14. Mason Weemers says:

    However, if you need wood to build houses ( By cutting down trees ) I worry
    that a month into the public opening, there won’t be any more trees because
    everybody’d be rushing to make themselves a house.

  15. glenn miller says:

    needs alot of work like the tress fall into the ground and items like
    armour looks dull like wow has colour to the items it looks cheap atm you
    must admit

  16. word on the street is… NCSoft is publishing for Europe and North America.
    Yes, NCSoft, the same publishers for Guild Wars 2. :O Imagine their profits
    if they have both games….

  17. Sharpe Gaming says:

    I keep throwing money at my screen but nothing is happening 🙁

  18. Brenodn Schneider says:

    America needs a publisher!

  19. That’s true, I’ve got about 9 people who will most likely get this game. I
    still do hope it wont be a major grind.

  20. Theroyalknight09 says:

    This game WoULD be good if it was in english. :/

  21. @Talesowns I don’t think its bad if things are fast like a day, because
    other people are going to kill your shit anyway ; |

  22. @glenn0809 I thought the trees fell on the ground and then disappeared when
    you collected the wood ._. Although, WoW may have a lot of color, but I
    think Archeage is beautiful. More realistic, imo 🙂

  23. Len Kagamine says:

    hahaha now i can hire noobs to work at my farm

  24. roxythe hunter says:

    Is the combat in this game good?

  25. for a basic house it takes a day/ day and a half but for massive projects
    like villages and castles it may take up to 3 weeks/ 1 month

  26. Hardter frty says:

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