ArcheAge Adds Public Testing Server

A public testing server (PTS) can be a huge boon to any MMORPG. It gives developers a chance to try out and tweak new updates, working out bugs under real world conditions. And it gives players a chance to try out those updates and give feedback early.

So it’s nice to hear that Trion Worlds has added a PTS for ArcheAge. The new PTS is online now, already running a version of ArcheAge’s December update.

Trion Worlds shared some hints for getting online on the PTS in a blog post, which you can check out here:

• You can find the Public Test server by selecting “PTS ” from the region select drop down on the top right of your Glyph screen for ArcheAge. This is the same place where you select between Europe and North America.
• PTS is a new install of ArcheAge. Visit our PTS FAQ forum thread for details on how to get a head start on the download by copying your live installation.
• Your credits and items on PTS are JUST for PTS – you can spend all your PTS credits without affecting your live credits at all!
• PTS is a test server – that means that we may bring it down with little or no notice when we need to update something. And please do not expect it to be available all the time – It will only be up when there’s something to test.
• You will be able to level a character up to 50 (with testing gear) by saying “Level me up Fluffy” in the say channel in chat. Fluffy the Automated Testing Bot is here to help you level up if you like. You don’t have to use the testing bot’s level up buff if you don’t want to – in fact we hope that some of you will keep playing through the lower levels to help us test out that experience as well!

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