ArcheAge Archeum Change Causes Controversy

Some ArcheAge players are not happy about some changes Trion Worlds made to ArcheAge before this week’s open beta began, and money is at the root of it.

The biggest stink has been raised about Archeum Supply Crates  being added to the ArcheAge cast shop. The chests give you, among several other things, archeum, a resource that comes in various types and is needed to make high level gear.

Archeum can be obtained in-game but it is incredibly rare, which has led some players to decry the current situation as a pay-to-win measure that will lead to situations where some players have to work for weeks to get high level gear while others pay for it and merrily gank them. There’s a huge pro and con argument, with a good explanation of how archeum works, in this Reddit thread.

Agent North expresses his frustrations in the above video, which purports to show how rare archeum drops are.

“How many hours upon hours upon hours are you expecting us to take? How many weeks upon weeks just to get enough moonlight archeum to attempt to make a level 40 set of armor?” he asks.

Another complaint is that the cooldown on labor potions available on the cash shop has been shortened to four hours. Some complain that this gives players with money to burn virtually unlimited labor points, so they have an advantage by being able to complete tasks without stopping.

It must be noted that ArcheAge is a free-to-play game. Some free-to-play mechanics were to be expected, and encouraging players to pay to get the best gear or play more are standard free-to-play techniques, if not the most pleasant ones for players. And also there is time for Trion to make adjustments like increasing the archeum drop rates before the full launch.

ArcheAge Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman has addressed the issue, saying that things may change.

We’re still looking at the archeum drop rates. After the last Closed Beta, we shared the data on archeum with XLGAMES and there was enough there for them to feel comfortable changing the Sunlight Archeum. They are aware that the other archeum drop rates need looking at too, but they don’t have quite enough data to feel comfortable with knowing what the right change is. 

As you know, ArcheAge is a highly economy-based game, and it makes sense to make more conservative adjustments. Changes to systems that are this integral tend to have really bad effects when they’re done wrong. We’re continuing to provide data to XLGAMES in Open Beta to help them find the right answer. The good news is that we’re able to harvest and provide that data to them quickly.

We definitely didn’t design the Archeum Supply Crate with the intent it’d be a primary source of archeum! The naming of this crate was unfortunate timing and actually a nod to the Archeum Founder’s Pack. The actual archeum inside of it was supposed to be more of a bonus for purchasing it. We had actually expected all of the archeum drop updates to be done by the time this crate was introduced to the Marketplace and we’re absolutely going to keep pushing for general improvements to the crafting system.

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