ArcheAge – Awesome Features

Aight People Time for me to share some love for a game i have been following for a few years now and that game is ArcheAge, if you don’t know what ArcheAge i…

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  1. Grimdeathnox says:

    Hands down the best MMO coming this 2014.

  2. Can’t wait for it!

  3. i doubt if trion will finish the game, there’s not much interest in it
    except for a few hundreds

  4. DrCokePepsi says:

    LMAO dude. wrong place, league of legends is an arena game not an mmo. not
    even close dude.

  5. DrCokePepsi says:

    What EVE did, was, they have an absolute passion for their own game, but
    you also have to EARN gametime in game. This would be absolutely
    respectable. This is no game-breaking feature. As for cosmetics, it’s an
    absolute side feature, that literally has no effect in game whatsoever.
    Buying a plex to sel as well would just be an extremely expensive option
    just to buy a ship, and was incorporated only to ward off IRL money
    trading, hacking, and other real life offenses. EVE never went f2p though.

  6. Mitchell Hendee says:

    Don’t you worry about the quality of your game being made when you’re
    playing a f2p? It’s resource management vs. financial benefit. Companies
    will always focus their effort on making the most money possible, so if
    they are forcing their creative effort on items that pertain to a f2p
    market wouldn’t that hamper their ability to produce good content? Monthly
    payments prevent fear of lacking cash shop items to keep your game
    finacially stable so you can instead opt for more genuine game content…

  7. Morgan Freeman says:

    yes, check the wikipedia page for it. Basically the english servers/
    release will be around end 2013- start of 2014

  8. Bryston Hutchinson says:

    Awesome, you always know some great upcoming games.

  9. Jack Debenham says:

    I have 2 questions 1. Will this be F2P or P2P? 2. Will i need th best
    computer ever to run it? lol

  10. Mattias Byheden says:

    True about the realcash-shops. Maybe cosmetic changes could be bought like
    that, but not p2w content. Mortal Online and Runescape does it well though,
    capping skills at 60/100 for free accounts and subs can go to 100/100.

  11. ZehSkweegy says:

    The hype around ESO is mainly fan formed, because honestly we’ve only had a
    couple of actual in game videos shown, and most of the dev commentary is
    around the lore. But yeah, because of the lack of videos showing anything
    concrete (or showing off what has been confirmed) a lot of people share the
    same benched opinions on the game, including myself.

  12. RCB Gaming says:

    We would love to play that game!

  13. arturo92376 says:

    Apparently you did not learn much in your economics class.

  14. ColloseusXReturns says:

    There has been no NDA since the second closed beta of ArcheAge which is

  15. how much i pay for this game?

  16. Daniel Gregg says:

    Sign up for the beta – archeagegame[dot]com/en/

  17. Daniel Gregg says:

    Believe it or not, the free to play business model is here to stay. You say
    “freebie* players who don’t put any time into the mmo’s now.” That is
    totally wrong. I see this game going free to play to compete with other
    games, to bring in as many members as possible. Think of it this way… If
    only 100 people subscribe to the game.. then Trion will be loosing money.
    If millions join the game and buy things from the micro store, it makes
    them money. probably a lot more then they would get subs.

  18. ColloseusXReturns says:

    say it!

  19. Stevie Klein says:

    Black desert developers said their game is going to have elder scrolls type
    battles. Black desert also has kinda the same stuff archeage does, like a
    housing, farming and breeding system for animals for example.

  20. iHeartbound says:

    I’m not talking about features or gameplay of GW2, just the buy to play

  21. Christopher Rife says:

    Will do! But for the record I never use cash shops. Guild Wars 2 cash shop
    is terrible, but I haven’t played it in many months.

  22. DrCokePepsi says:

    what money a game company makes should not affect the player at all. And
    that’s yet another reason that f2p games are just terrible. P2P games have
    an immersion that only a caring, invested game developer could ever pull
    off. F2P game companies are greedy. They have no investment or attachment
    to their games. They simply want people to buy everything and they add
    things into the game to just attract any living thing that passes by, this
    creates a generic mmo. P2P games

  23. Tripnotik25 says:

    Making this free would be game breaking? i must be missing your point. For
    the most part, F2P games bring in more revenue than P2P. I play EVE, all
    the combat, ships, guns, the learning, implants, markets, just cosmetics in
    shop, you can pay your subscription with ingame money, its free, FREE. EVE
    has been going strong since 2003. I played (still play here and there)
    AION, pve, pvp, housing, no subs, FREE. How would being free break any
    feature in archeage? it would help it if anything.

  24. pumastp98 says:

    can u get married and have childs

  25. jhg Kiara says:

    wow by some shallow peoples definition all games released after GW2 is
    looking like GW2 now… skyrim online is gw2 by some comments.Every mmo i
    google is a ”gw2” ripoff? .So all character creation is based on this
    how? care to explain? I mean.. there is no charr class here. If its based
    on some of the hairstyles that you familiar with there, is standard
    textbook hairstyles. guildwards is not a hairdresser that came out with
    hairstyles… or should this game now come out with completely new
    hairstyles if thats the case? really Caa129..

  26. Nicholas2585 says:

    that face paint 😀 freaking joker and darth maul

  27. Reese Satalin says:

    yeah whit all that you can do in this game it’s nothing like GW2

  28. Reese Satalin says:

    is there a way i can play this

  29. InkOnTube says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait European release!

  30. iiperento says:

    I ment that every game can decide to make ultra high poly models with HD
    textures, it depends on their plannings over maximum system requirements.
    With the hardware scaling up pretty fast, the game graphics will become
    more and more realistic. Im sorry i misslead you friend, btw im new
    subscriber 😛

  31. InkOnTube says:

    Wow – free? I thought this is p2p in Korea. Did they changed their policy
    or this info is not confirmed?

  32. vinimetal777 says:

    u need to buy a korean acount and play their f2p server

  33. FreeMMOStation says:

    The game itself is nothing like GW2 😉

  34. In every game you can make such photorealistic faces and bodies, actualy
    everything. But they decide not to couse not all people have beast PC’s. I
    believe the character creation screen is at max setting. Nothing special
    here, friend 🙂

  35. FreeMMOStation says:

    Thanks! 🙂 But I don’t think that every game can go that way, it depends on
    the skill of the team. Going up with the graphics for a skilled and filled
    with money team is something, but a mediocre team won’t get even close to
    these models, even if they wanted to. My opinion, of course 🙂

  36. wooow is mesmerising 😀 cant wait for the first look impression

  37. FreeMMOStation says:

    Yeah, I know and you’re right. They’re wrongly calling it “free”, when you
    have to buy a 30 or 90 day subscription unless you’ll be forbidden to
    access most of the features. Trial would be more adequate 🙂

  38. dang looks like a guild wars 2 rip off

  39. FreeMMOStation says:

    It’s free in Korea just about a few days ago.

  40. any news on the na/eu release date? and how big is the game(file size)

  41. Moss Craft says:

    That is not 100% right…. It’s more like a unlimited trail since you missout
    on a big part of the game (labor points) which is what you get when you pay
    subscription, the idea of making it so you could play without paying was so
    people can try the game out and for old players to come back and try new
    features 😀

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