Some ArcheAge Beta Impressions

The first ArcheAge closed beta event has ended. How did it go down with gamers? This video from Dervy shows one perspective.

“I had such a good time playing this game. If you’re looking for a game that is focused on the PVP and the game revolves around PVP. Or be a pirate, be a criminal, a murderer. Anything along those lines, that massive sandbox experience. This really is, possibly, the game for you,” Dervy gushes.

Dervy also goes over some of his experiences in the game, including character creation, PVP, the courts system, and flirtations with piracy. He really seems to enjoy the griefing and ganking possibilities.

His only major problem with the game is the Labor Point system. Labor points, which you need to do just about anything worthwhile in ArcheaAge, are essentially the game’s “fatigue system,” Dervy said, and judges them as “kind of messed up right now.”

So that’s one opinion. How about yours?

You can register for future beta events here.

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