ArcheAge Beta Starts July 17

Trion Worlds has officially announced the date for the ArcheAge closed beta. On July 17 you’ll be able to jump in the ArcheAge world.

To mark the occasion, they’ve released a new trailer featuring a young Firran and her dreams of adventure.

The first closed beta event  “A Brighter Age,” will run from Thursday, July 17 (10:00 AM PDT) to Monday, July 21 (10:00 AM PDT). There will be future beta events, and progress will be carried over between events. The level cap is still 50 and there’s no NDA, so feel free to stream and share all you want.

You can sign up here and hope for an invite, or you can take the guaranteed access route and buy a Founder’s Pack.

[Source: ArcheAge Official Site]


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