ArcheAge Bots Learn to Beat the Judge

Redditor shazderp has a crazy bot story. If this is true, be afraid, very afraid.

Shazderp stumbled upon three bots with patron status, then did his/her civic duty and reported them. Then things got weird.

After I reported the third one, I noticed he climbed on his mount and started going somewhere. I thought he might have actually been a player for a second so I followed him. He just automatically walked all the way to the Judge in Austera and “proved” his innocence. I got pissed off, a waste of 25 labor.

I went back to the area where I was questing, and found the bot again. So I reported him and followed him allllll the way to the Judge again. Now, immediately after he “proved” his innocence, I reported him again. I didn’t see him return to the judge so I thought I got him. I wasn’t sure though, so I followed him. He went all the way back to the area where I first found him then started going back towards the Judge… I gave up at that point.

Bots that can beat the legal system definitely sound like a challenge for Trion Worlds, but fortunately it does seem to be taking player complaints about the usual MMO headaches seriously so we’ll wait and see.

But with hackers and botters it’s always an arms race, any attempts to stop them generally lead to more sophistication and aggressiveness. The best thing to do is to take away their incentive to play altogether by not buying gold or anything else they sell.

Also, the video above shows some bot action in Everwhite Beach and their teleporting tactics.

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