ArcheAge is Busy, Busy, Busy in This Timelapse Video

From the speed and angles of this amazing ArcheAge timelapse video, the people moving around look like ants. Yeah, yeah, I know, they are ants.

The video was filmed mostly in Ollo East by ExESGO, who kept from getting AFK kicked by pressing inventory every 10 minutes. ExESGO talked about the filming on Reddit.

“Some shots were not on peak hours (specifically the Villanelle, Halcyona, Solis and Falcorth shots). Ynystere and Hasla were on prime time. Freedich, Windscour, Tigerspine, Rookborne, Mahadevi, Silent Forest, Arcum and Tigerspine was shot during the hours before prime time (so semi-crowded, but SF was oddly empty [notice there are only two bots], I think it had to do with the haulers),” ExESGO posted, also adding that Hellswamp was a planned filming location but there was too much activity there so framerate was too bad.

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