ArcheAge CBT – Character Customization

Aight People Hope you all had a great new year, I’ve got a great year of gaming footage planned but first up some ArcheAge Character Customisation! I actuall…


  1. TheK0rs3 says:

    Where the hell is Rogue?

  2. Button TV says:

    He just said he recorded this footage weeks ago.

  3. ThatCatstabber says:

    Hey mate..thanks so much. I have been looking forward to this game (when it
    is released in English, of course!) and I haven’t been able to find any
    good videos about the customization so, thanks!

  4. ColloseusXReturns says:

    what’s the limit because i think i must be near the limit now too 🙁

  5. Christopher Sway says:

    any news on when this will be in the US??

  6. ColloseusXReturns says:

    New video up showing my fave features 🙂

  7. whyyyyyyyy why youtube has a subscription limit !! whyyyy

  8. ThatCatstabber says:

    It will be.

  9. TheDeadlySun says:

    is this game going to be in english?

  10. ColloseusXReturns says:

    Thanks Sugu, lot’s more coming nearer the release 🙂

  11. SuguhaTV says:

    Cant wait to see more of your game-play footage.

  12. Greetings from New Zealand ! Really hyped about Archeage. Glad Trion is the
    publisher. Cannot wait to play ! So stoked they mentioned NZ In the English
    release !

  13. ColloseusXReturns says:

    You’re welcome mate, i’ll try to get some more in-game footage 😀

  14. ColloseusXReturns says:

    End of the year

  15. Link07250 says:

    In game, to the bows have bow strings?

  16. isnt this OBT?

  17. Suprised? says:


  18. Kozak Losta says:

    now the ferre gotsome avatar shit goin on

  19. Cptraktorn says:

    lold, checked steam

  20. MrHiroschi says:

    Dafuq I thought ArchAge is only for the Asian Market

  21. ColloseusXReturns says:

    yup 🙂

  22. Kenny Bell says:

    How did you get an invite?

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