ArcheAge CBT – Character Customization

Aight People Hope you all had a great new year, I’ve got a great year of gaming footage planned but first up some ArcheAge Character Customisation! I actuall…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Eight videos of ArcheAge Online Character Customization organized by race/gender. Check the full playlist for the other races and gender. Like, Share, Commen…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. TheK0rs3 says:

    Where the hell is Rogue?

  2. Button TV says:

    He just said he recorded this footage weeks ago.

  3. ThatCatstabber says:

    Hey mate..thanks so much. I have been looking forward to this game (when it
    is released in English, of course!) and I haven’t been able to find any
    good videos about the customization so, thanks!

  4. ColloseusXReturns says:

    what’s the limit because i think i must be near the limit now too 🙁

  5. Christopher Sway says:

    any news on when this will be in the US??

  6. ColloseusXReturns says:

    New video up showing my fave features 🙂

  7. whyyyyyyyy why youtube has a subscription limit !! whyyyy

  8. ThatCatstabber says:

    It will be.

  9. TheDeadlySun says:

    is this game going to be in english?

  10. ColloseusXReturns says:

    Thanks Sugu, lot’s more coming nearer the release 🙂

  11. SuguhaTV says:

    Cant wait to see more of your game-play footage.

  12. Greetings from New Zealand ! Really hyped about Archeage. Glad Trion is the
    publisher. Cannot wait to play ! So stoked they mentioned NZ In the English
    release !

  13. ColloseusXReturns says:

    You’re welcome mate, i’ll try to get some more in-game footage 😀

  14. ColloseusXReturns says:

    End of the year

  15. Link07250 says:

    In game, to the bows have bow strings?

  16. isnt this OBT?

  17. Suprised? says:


  18. Kozak Losta says:

    now the ferre gotsome avatar shit goin on

  19. Cptraktorn says:

    lold, checked steam

  20. MrHiroschi says:

    Dafuq I thought ArchAge is only for the Asian Market

  21. ColloseusXReturns says:

    yup 🙂

  22. Kenny Bell says:

    How did you get an invite?

  23. TheDeadlySun says:

    more soon plz?

  24. Puranetto says:

    well I think it’s normal for mmorpgs to women go to WAR half naked…

  25. who needs armor when tits can absorb the shock or weapons?

  26. bhauzery says:

    Remember the mysterious MMO logic? High level males wears a fortress as
    armor that covers even their faces and still mysteriously able to see and
    move around while High level females wears line thin bikinis. Hell they
    can’t even make females nude because that will make them so overpowered
    that they will kill any and everything on the same map as them even the GMs
    and God modes!!!

  27. DireConsenquences says:

    So cute but I wish there were more hair and colour options

  28. Ben Sting says:

    Why Second Life is not like this? =( Hahahaha

  29. Special S says:

    hey how did this video record at 2012, wth is going on, i just saw a video
    that this game won the best e3 2013 award for mmorpg, it didnt even come
    out yet ????

  30. itsasoulthing says:

    sorry to bring it on but, DEM JIGGLY BOOBIES

  31. Slider2k says:

    Come on now, where’s body customization? 😉

  32. stef2130 says:

    when can I play

  33. Marcos Pinzon says:

    I gotta hand it to them the music is soooo gooood!

  34. Mike The Gamer says:

    2012 and we still can’t get hair to stop clipping through armors.. jesus

  35. Michael C says:

    Nice boob jiggle physics. TO TEH FAP CAVE!!!

  36. Vinícius Reis says:

    Just make a male elf!

  37. MajorLi Hung says:

    lol its ok… you can come out now! Gays are ‘real men’ too I know. Don’t
    be afraid…Society will accept you!

  38. Toppa Ramos says:


  39. Feracitus says:

    that spot is already taken, it belongs to lineage 2.

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