ArcheAge CBT3 Character Creation (1080p)

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Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. Stefanos Tsim says:

    is there an english language version of this game?

  2. Remie De Lacroix says:

    The last race are recolored guys from Avatar movie?

  3. @Shinhaquro I’m going to guess you’re talking about the Aman from TERA?

  4. GW2GNaoroji says:

    ‘Sup with the Joker @ 1:39?

  5. marnimoon says:

    I agree, too much boob… hopefully those are adjustable.

  6. dutchleaf says:

    I want to know what type of character you get when you combinate: adamant
    will and love can anyone help me?

  7. edmanr2010 says:

    I really really really hoe they majorly improve the character creation.

  8. Felfire90 says:

    01:48 Darth Maul

  9. pigeonpsycho says:

    the greatest mmorpg..ever made ever.. in the history of ever made

  10. poisonedblades says:

    lol, why can’t the female characters have scars? They can be battle
    hardened warriors but not have scars? Do not understand…

  11. RunescapeSweetLife says:


  12. Vampir Vork says:

    @drul24 every mmog will turn to f2p again -____- i bet this would turn too

  13. Practice, asking people for help, memorization.

  14. David Widmann says:

    I love the part with the class-decisions. You do not decide from preset
    classes, you basicly make your own combination. Really good start!

  15. mjpalmer3000 says:

    boobs need to be bigger….

  16. aliciabeme says:

    @Shinhaquro I completely agree. The boobs are absurd! I don’t usually care
    about that either, but they’re just WAY too ridiculous looking in this
    game. They look especially terrifying on the feral race lol Tiny head, huge
    ears, huge boobs!

  17. o0Tamaki0o says:


  18. Cyro-Nydd says:

    @M4rkJW Just about any attractive humanoid race in just about any Korean
    MMO. TERA’s a great example though!

  19. Shekels Mc Kikenberg says:

    I see you Jake Sully

  20. xXxLostLegendxXx says:

    6:49 – 6:54 nerdgasm

  21. @M4rkJW well aionsource was a good site when u were in charge. 🙂

  22. MainstreamChicksSuck says:


  23. KalecAmagosh says:

    tbh the ONLY thing that puts me off from buying this game is the char
    creation (avatar cat-things, rally ? )

  24. FeuerFremder says:

    @dutchleaf Battle Chronicler 🙂

  25. Tacey tay says:

    00:13 triple h?

  26. CrimsonWolfe776 says:

    @sjim You didn’t know bro? WoW set the standard of, “The bigger the
    shoulders, the bigger the balls.”

  27. kirkalvin1 says:

    omg this awesome

  28. pigeonpsycho says:

    the greatest mmo…EVER MADE EVER.

  29. ZnEaKySpyNL says:

    oef they really need to remake on this. The girls look way better

  30. jaime zamora says:

    big@ss armor 😮

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