ArcheAge Closed Beta Preview

ArcheAge Closed Beta Preview : ArcheAge is an upcoming Fantasy MMORPG with a player driven world. Boasting rarely seen feat…
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  1. LegendaryOST says:


  2. Carlos Domonte says:

    YEAH lineage2 comes to my mind when i see this game, i got a lot of
    expetation about it.

  3. Nika Khudonogova says:

    Game that might turn out to be epic. ArcheAge. Sandbox, completely
    player-driven MMO in fantasy world with awesome 3D graphic and looks like
    great crafting system 😀

    So far i saw only 2d versions of that kind of games (Haven and Hearth!). Or
    Eve. But I like eye candies way too much for Eve to be game of my choice…
    This though… hmmm o,O wow.

  4. Clover Joker says:

    Eh, first impressions look like any old MMO I’ve played. It might be nice
    to try out, to see all it’s other new aspects but I’m not holding my breath
    for this one.

  5. Look slike an updated lineage 2, about time. But waiting for Wildstar until
    the real lineage 3 comes :D

  6. You mean the cool anime with a good first season and a random ass second 😛

  7. alex chaidez says:

    I wish I wasn’t in college and dating a hot girlfriend doing the whole
    “American Dream” thing. I would love to get lost in this beautiful game.

  8. Euroland07 says:

    Is this an Asian Mmo? Looks pretty western fantasy

  9. Gate21IsClosed says:

    Completely different kind of game.

  10. Jeremy Thompson says:

    ck for that broken peice of crap you sold evryone.

  11. Reinout te Brake says:

    Not yet, but it has been confirmed that the game will be released in
    English after the Eastern versions are close to finished. They want to
    perfect the game for their Korean and Chinese players before tackling the
    localization of other languages.

  12. gittonsxv says:

    i am loving everything about this game, the combat is a bit meh but
    everything else is amazing.

  13. FlipsieLord says:

    God I hope this doesn’t have a monthly payment requirement.

  14. itsyannick says:

    jezus those massive boats steer ridiculously fast

  15. Reinout te Brake says:

    I played Darkfall for a while 🙂 and I have also now played ArcheAge. It’s
    not going to be similar, it’s a blend of themepark and sandbox. The game
    starts out in a very linear fashion, teaching you about the game mechanics
    with normal quest systems – then opens up and lts you explore a PvP world.
    It’s much more like lineage on steroids 😛

  16. what is that , never heard of it

  17. Jeremy Thompson says:

    Fuck Trion……………..

  18. MrFrankyGification says:

    F2P or P2P? Btw your videos are at 666, do I get a reward for noticing
    that? 😀

  19. Cptraktorn says:

    Nope, it was so fucking bad in all ways except animation and music, plot
    and characters were terrible.

  20. Pretty impressive stuff. I might have to give this a go at some point. 🙂

  21. Cyler Parr says:

    Trion is bring publishing this in the West!

  22. im actualy playing it on kr version and it’s actualy finished

  23. TinFoilCookies says:

    These videos always make me kinda sad… as im pretty sure its going to be
    at least a few years till we see this in NA.

  24. Reinout te Brake says:

    Yes, exactly. But I would like to think that while they are both Fantasy
    MMORPGs, a sandbox fantasy MMORPG and a dynamic fantasy MMORPG are seperate
    genres. One’s a sandbox, one’s dynamic, huge difference to me. I’m not
    saying Guild Wars 2 is different from other MMORPGs on the market, like
    Rift, WoW etc. It’s very similar in many ways, I just meant that it’s
    completely different to ArcheAge.

  25. AlphaGinga says:

    The siege style PVP combat is pretty sweet, really makes you feel like
    you’re fighting to achieve a goal in PVP and not just hacking and slashing
    aimlessly at opponents, showcasing your “skills”.

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