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ArcheAge Creator Jake Song On Appealing to an International Audience

It may be weird to think about for what feels like its own world, but ArcheAge’s existence basically comes down to one guy. Jake Song, the South Korean wunderkind who helped make Lineage: Bloodpledge a giant success and then jumped ship to form XL Games, is that guy.

In a recent profile in Inside Korea, Song talks about his company, and specifically about his ambition to make ArcheAge a game that will have worldwide appeal.

“I think games have a universal fun factor regardless of culture,” said Song. “There is maybe 20 to 30 percent variability in the game mechanics that different cultures enjoy, and it’s finding a balance that makes a game successful worldwide.”

For ArcheAge that meant, for one example, a change to PVP.

“‘Lineage’ featured non-consensual PVP combat where players could attack each other without agreeing to a fight,” said Song. “Korean gamers took it as a challenge, but North American audiences felt it was unfair. So I only included non-consensual PVP combat in certain designated zones for ‘Archeage.’”

The article says that although the game has fallen in the rankings in its native Korea, it is breaking records in Russia and “expectations are high” for its eventual Western release.

[Source: Inside Korea]

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