ArcheAge DDoSed During Head Start

This is why we can’t have nice things. Well, actually, the fact that implicit social contracts break down under conditions of anonymity or when dealing with people we have been taught to regard as “the other” is why we can’t have nice things. But the weekend DDoS attack on ArcheAge is an example of it.

Trion Worlds tweeted that the slowdown some head start users had experienced on Saturday was in fact a DDoS attack and that it was working on it. Although the attack seems to have died down by now it, also seems some players are having trouble with login issues, which Trion also tweeted it was aware of and working on.

To help with population issues Trion today added two new servers, Inoch in North America on Auction House 1 cluster and Aier in Europe on Auction House 3 cluster.

ArcheAge’s full launch is tomorrow morning at 11 AM ET . Hopefully the script kiddies will stay away.

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