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ArcheAge (Character Creation)

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. NinjaBoyFuto says:

    wow cool graphics

  2. SluggerJR says:

    1:31 Flat/Busty/Flat? Meh.. CBT glitches..

  3. Masterincommander says:

    4 hair sets? pretty small choice not much verity in this at all

  4. MrFlipes says:

    when te time comes, is going to be VERY difficult to pick a game…this
    koreans ¬¬

  5. mrArchduke says:

    That was 9 months ago. Look now in other vids. Good variety. Can even
    choose scars and drag them across the face to the desired location.

  6. Aaron Ring says:

    This game inspired me to Build a new Gaming computer. I5-2500k Asrock
    Extreme7 Gen3 Corsair 1600 1.5v 9.9.9 ram 2x Sapphire Radeon 6970s in
    Crossfire OCZ Solid 3 120gb SSD SATA 3 Corsair H100 for Cooling Corsair
    500r case Corsair HX1000 power supply. With a Samung 27in LCD monitor

  7. inn0c3nce7 says:

    @narutinhokaway Well, its still in CBT so i’m sure it has more.

  8. Increadible system…love it…w9ing for this game , think will be lucky
    who will be invite in CBT 🙂

  9. mrArchduke says:

    Between Guild Wars 2 and this, I’m going to be a very busy man…. oh, and
    screw real life. 😛

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