ArcheAge – Ferre Race Creation

ArcheAge’s Closed Beta 3.
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Character creation options for a ferre male in the upcoming korean semi sandbox mmorpg ArcheAge. FAQ: · When is the game release? The game doesn’t have a set…
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  1. Zuriel Naweh says:

    They look like my sis’s barbies =w=

  2. @lenivax Wowwww Dude!!! Thanks For the obvious!! Of Course they are cats! I
    almost forgot that now cats can walk in 2 legs, and wear clothes!! Wowww
    Dude Really! Thnkx! -.-

  3. AVATAT 😮 The nav’i changed their collor to yellow 😮 It Must be the

  4. @lenivax Lol Dude! navis have big ears and they too, navis have a tail and
    they too, are thins and they too the only difference is the color and maybe
    the hair, but dude, they look like navis lol and until now i have received
    some thumbs upthat mean that people agree with me. so seriously dude, i
    dont agree with you

  5. FfmUniversal says:

    @Jim01001011 Maybe its not really leveling, maybe it will depend on your
    armor and skills or something ( if you dont understand my idea read the
    book epic and if you do still read it its a amazing book! )

  6. i just wanted to tell that guy that they are not navi:d because i think
    they arenot like navi at all:d

  7. yeah navis have big ears but not like ferres they have bigger, navis have a
    tail too but not like that, maybe the hair n ot they have diferrent hairs
    know eyes they dont like navis know the legs they have diferend legs,
    ferres have claws too:d

  8. foxet1st says:

    They look so much like those things from Avatar….But not…Blue.?

  9. lenivax says:

    i know that everyone knows i just wanted to teel that they dont like a nvi
    at alll nothing is same:X LOL

  10. ghfreakwierdo123 says:

    wow nice music

  11. sirroMrM says:

    lol avatar

  12. Sunrider says:

    I wonder how many furry weeaboos will play this game just because of this

  13. uyuyankarinca says:

    thanks for all videos.

  14. WarTraveler84 says:

    Pues estara alrededor de 250-350ms, utilizando un tunel. Sin tunel bastante
    mas, 400-500ms.

  15. TuriusRay says:

    @WarTraveler84 Que suerte teneis los de tu guild nen >.< a todos os han hecho la cuenta algun coreano? porque veo bastante gente por todos lados jugando y no creo que haiga tantos coreanos tomandose la molestia xDD aver si me encuentro un coreano ya o algo...

  16. TuriusRay says:

    Una cosa Tidesson, cuanto ping teneis en ArcheAge? Esque e visto tu
    streaming y el de algun compañero mas y parece que va muy fluido sin
    notarse lagg excesivo.

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