Guide Offers Way to Farm 1,000 Jester Coin Purses Per Hour

Need some cash in ArcheAge? Here’s one way to get it, if you’re patient and don’t mind repetitive tasks. Wait, what am I saying, you play MMORPGs, that’s the oil that keeps the genre’s engine running. WestyTV has worked out a way to get 1,000 Jester Coin Purses per hour per group. Even if RNGesus […]

Farm Wagon Tutorial Video

There’s a lot of drama in the ArcheAge world right now, with some players not so happy about some recent events like servers problems during the Auroria launch. Instead of focusing on that endlessly, how about taking a break for something constructive? Here’s a nice, relaxing tutorial video from AyinMaiden that demonstrates how to maximize […]

Tips For Starting Your Own Yata Farm and More

Monkey Business Gaming has produced another great ArcheAge video. This one eschews the actual monkey business a bit for some serious tips about starting and running a yata farm for profit and powerful mounts. Encouraging yatas to have the sexy times and breed turns out to be a more complex process than you’d think, even […]

Check Out This Guide to Living off the Land in ArcheAge

Farming is a vital activity in ArcheAge. Whether you want to do it legit and pay your taxes like a square, do it down and dirty with an illegal farm, or just steal from the suckers who farm, it’s likely you’ll end up involved in the ancient art of working the soil with your hands […]

Firran Starting Point and Patch 1.2 Changes

This is a new video from the always entertaining Monkey Business Gaming. In addition to the usual laughs, you get to see the guys make new Firran characters and check out the kitty-cat men’s starting area and early quests. It also serves as an intro to some of the changes in the 1.2 patch, which […]

Tips and Tricks for the Early ArcheAge Levels

Scion Storm is one of most dedicated ArcheAge vloggers out there. His channel is definitely worth subscribing to. Here he brings us some tips and tricks for the early levels. “The more efficiently you use your time, the faster you can level and more gold you will make in the game. Also don’t be scared […]

How to Get Wood in ArcheAge

One thing you’ll notice about ArcheAge, there is a lot of focus on wood. You need wood to build things. It’s can also be a valuable resource to make a profit on. This woodcutting guide video from BoneFireTv shows how to more efficiently obtain wood, getting the most profit with the shortest yield time. It’s […]