A Guide to Surviving and Leveling in PVP Zones

ArcheAge offers a lot of freedoms to players. And one of those freedoms is to gank the living crap out of you or otherwise ruin your day in PVP zones. That can be tough for players looking to level. Scion Storm has provided a nice guide to help deal with this and still get things […]

ArcheAge Justice is Firm, Jails Not So Much

Here’s a funny post from Reddit about an ArcheAge player that found himself convicted of 409 counts of murder and assault in an ArcheAge court.   The crimes earned Executioner Nyamusasu a wopping 770 minute jail sentence. That’s nearly 13 hours, and it all has to be spent online, watching the timers tick. On the […]

Watch a White Elk Mount Go From Adorable to Awesome in ArcheAge

One of the neater features of ArcheAge is its selection of mounts. In this video Noobzilla shows the steps to raise a White Elk Mount from an adorable ball of fur into an intimidating ride.

How to Put Your Own Music in ArcheAge, and Have Your Character Play It

The sandbox elements in ArcheAge are so deep you can get buried in them. As an example, here’s an interesting guide to getting your own music ported into ArcheAge, so your character can play it on their instrument. If they have the proficiency. The song used? Of course it’s “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae […]

Explore ArcheAge Housing in This New Video

This new developer video from Trion Worlds shows off the housing systems in ArcheAge, including claiming the land, doing the build, and then defending it from other players. It was captured from a Trion Worlds’ livestream on Friday afternoon.

Video of All ArcheAge Skill Trees

Here’s a great set of videos from Nekrage that shows off all ArcheAge skills and all 10 skill trees. Nekrage helpfully demonstrates the pros and cons of each. Great for helping you to plan a character. The initial video is a “lobby” video that allows you to pick between videos showing off the different skill […]

ArcheAge Online (Gameplay)

KR: http://www.archeage.com Subscribe – http://goo.gl/Zp29kc Follow – http://goo.gl/uUa5N0 ArcheAge Gameplay ArcheAge Online Gamepaly ArcheAge Classes Arche … Archeage Online is an excellent Korean MMORPG that will be hitting American markets in 2014. This is a firstlook at the Russian edition with English commenta… Video Rating: 5 / 5