ArcheAge Hits Post-Launch Woes

ArcheAge is an MMORPG. An MMORPG is a complex machine with a lot that can, and usually does, go wrong.

And so ArcheAge players have been putting up with long queue times, glitches, and other issues since the game officially launched yesterday. Trion Worlds has acknowledged some of the issues and says its upped server capacity to try to fix the queue issue and is working on others. Issues noted include, according to Trion:

• Disappearing Characters: A bug is making some players’ characters appear as missing. The characters are unaffected and have returned after a short wait and logging in again.

• Missing Patron Status: Some players who purchased Patron time or a Starter Pack from the website are not receiving their Patron status in-game. This is due to a delivery error preventing the entitlement from applying to their account which will be addressed.

• Non-Patron Players Getting Patron Status: We’ve seen the reports from non-Patrons saying they have Patron status in-game. This was not an intentional grant and will be reversed.

• New Queue Visualization: The new queue visualization on the server selection page was a necessity as part of introducing the grace queue. Unfortunately, it does not show Patron versus general queues. The good news is that Patron queuing is granting the priority access it should to Patrons. We are working to update the visualization to show both queues and which the player is in.

Although it has been nearly a day since Trion posted this message, some of the issues including missing patron status and long queue times continue to be a problem judging by chatter on Reddit and message boards. Again, though, we’re dealing with an MMORPG launch here. Patient gamers will probably see them straightened out soon.

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