ArcheAge Justice is Firm, Jails Not So Much

Here’s a funny post from Reddit about an ArcheAge player that found himself convicted of 409 counts of murder and assault in an ArcheAge court.

 hE3buzy (1)

The crimes earned Executioner Nyamusasu a wopping 770 minute jail sentence. That’s nearly 13 hours, and it all has to be spent online, watching the timers tick. On the bright side, that much crime in real life would lead to multiple life sentences.

Fortunately for the player, maybe not so much for those that want to stay unmurdered, ArcheAge jailbreaks are quite easy to engineer, so he was out within the hour.

FQqA4GA (1)

If you too would like to laugh in the face of ArcheAge justice, this prison break video from BikeMan is a good resource:

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