ArcheAge Korea Gets Even Weirder With New Items Based on Cartoon

XL Games recently released a new video showing some additional content related to its partnership with Larva, a popular South Korean cartoon about worms. The video is quite cheerfully insane.

The video shows off figureheads for ArcheAge ships, in the context of a wacky race between the show’s main characters. There are also very strange vehicles in the shape of the characters and, of course, of course, furniture in their likenesses. This is all in addition to an earlier wave of items like gliders and mailboxes.

This is the kind of thing you think will never come to the West, but don’t be so sure. Larva is now on U.S. Netflix, so it has a chance to gain a following big enough that you might eventually end up driving your own bizarre worm motorcycle in ArcheAge.

As a bonus, here’s a video of a race using the worm-cycles.

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