Archeage (Korean Free MMORPG): Female Nuian Character Creation and Combat Preview

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. FreeMMOStation says:

    It’s really amazing!

  2. Nexen4Games says:

    Can’t you read the title of the video, or the description? FFS

  3. Is that game free to play?

  4. FreeMMOStation says:

    I understand you and also find it disturbing, hair should flow naturally
    according to gear and clothes.

  5. iiperento says:

    Her boobs is gigeling even if she has about 5 kilos of heavy metal armor on

  6. David デビッド says:

    why must asia create such good games as these? WHY?

  7. Karsing Chang says:

    korea game really good at character creation

  8. When the game Comes out for EU?

  9. Ada Urbaniak says:

    If only I knew Asian and Korean…I could play awesome games like this one
    and Alicia 🙂

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