ArcheAge korean obt character creation: ferre female

Character creation options for a ferre female in the upcoming korean semi sandbox mmorpg ArcheAge. FAQ: · When is the game release? The game doesn’t have a s…

どうも!ぽこたんだお^^ アーキエイジ 「最初の遠征隊」 体験中のキャラクリ動画だお! 本当に項目も多く用意されていて機会があればぜひご自身で触ってほしい出来だお! 後半の能力選択ではもう声優さんの声も入ってたお! MMORPG game that is Family Test into ArcheAge, Th…
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  1. Sonic Son'edit says:

    Most people probably don’t click this video because of preview

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