ArcheAge korean obt character creation: Nuian male

Character creation options for a Nuian male in the upcoming korean semi sandbox mmorpg ArcheAge. FAQ: · When is the game release? The game doesn’t have a set…
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  1. W60BaggyJeansSagger says:

    sooo many details, but no body options? o.o

  2. Alexandrous says:

    really beautyful!

  3. Test channel. failure. says:

    join our english guild~

  4. WarTraveler84 says:


  5. johnny1992black says:

    man dude no offence but tahts one gay looking guy youve made there ^^

  6. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    What a waste, you cant even make him look like psy from gangmanstyle

  7. WarTraveler84 says:

    I’m actually pretty sure that you can. Just need to take your time fiddling
    with it…

  8. Where is normal brutal long beards?

  9. Tigerhearty says:

    Slide bars between 100percent emo and 200 percent Emo

  10. Kyle Rybski says:

    The Nuians are meant to be rather European. Try a Hariharan. He’ll look
    younger and slimmer, but I’m sure you could parody Psy.

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