Now These Are Some Crowded Boats

Sure, you’ve seen Zerg PVP. But have you seen Zerg PVP … ON A BOAT? This video features Equilibrium, Immortal and Exile against Celestial Lust and Kraken’s Maw in a sea brawl for it all.  It gets intense in and off the boats. The ocean looks like a deadly swimming pool by the end. Have […]

It’s Five Verus Freedich in Fun ArcheAge PVP Vid

Here’s a video from Ides Gaming that shows that when the conditions are right, ArcheAge can offer one of the most fun PVP experiences on the market. In this video Aladdin and four friends steal some packs and head to turn them in at Freedich, where to their surprise, they were met with a lot […]

Epic Leviathan Battle Awaits High Level ArcheAge Players

This video and article from 2P (based on the game’s Chinese version) shows off what players who put in the grind to get to the highest levels of ArcheAge can expect to face. The dreaded Leviathan. The Leviathan is an endgame monster raid that starts off with seven phases of fleet-based naval combat against the […]

Galleons Clash in This ArcheAge PVP Video

ArcheAge’s naval combat is one element that sets it apart from run-of-the mill MMORPGs, and this video from Erza Scarlet demonstrates why. This battle on Kyprosa features a very serious guild getting their galleon involved in an epic clash with another galleon and a bunch of clippers. And losing, but its all just for fun. […]

Release the Kraken, Then Kick its Butt

In this video you can watch Seatinmanoflegends in a brutal fight against the Kraken. Well, actually you can watch his guildmates in VOTF in the fight, Seatin shows up late for the raid and doesn’t really help much. The Kraken is one of the tougher boss fights in ArcheAge and it takes a lot of […]

Possibly the Least Evenly Matched Naval Battle Ever Recorded

The player in the small boat in this video went AFK for a minute to go get some cereal. Hope it was Captain Crunch of something awesome like that, because when he came back he found this. Other players surrounded the small boat with six galleons. When they were all lined up they obliterated the […]

Snazzier Ships Teased in This ArcheAge Ship Customization Trailer

Here’s an awesome trailer from XL Games showing off ship customization options in ArcheAge. Whether you want to be a humble merchant, a fisherman, or a dirty pirate, you still want your ship to look nice. And the video shows tons of options for doing so, available for a lot of grinding or a small […]