Shenanigans on the High Seas in ArcheAge

Monkey Business Gaming took its galleon out to see what trouble they could get into. They couldn’t find any pirates or opposing factions, but they manage just find with some severe screwing around. This video gets hilarious quickly due to a complete disregard for the rule of the sea. You learn why you shouldn’t mess […]

ArcheAge Submarine Trolling

Okay, when I say fantasy MMO, what are some things you think of? Horses, sure. Elves. Magic. Ogres. Cat-ears. All good ones. But if you say submarines, you’re going to get funny looks. Unless it’s ArcheAge. ArcheAge has submarines. And Bikeman has a submarine, and he’s using it to be an absolute jerk in this […]

A Cautionary Tale From ArcheAge’s High Seas

Building your own boat and sailing on trade runs is one of the most fun things you can do in ArcheAge. And one of the most dangerous. Zorthos1 was so enthusiastic about finally getting his own clipper he set out on a trade run on his own without help from a guild. Not such a […]

One Gamer’s Top Five Reasons ArcheAge is Awesome

This video from The XPGamers shows off five of the reasons ArcheAge is awesome, describing it as something close to the spiritual successor to Ultima Online. The video focuses on: • The opportunities provided by naval combat and exploration in the game, ranging from piracy and just diving for treasure. • The game’s robust class creation system […]

Crazy ArcheAge Large-Scale PVP

There’s so much going on in this video it looks like a full-scale war. It starts off with some bombing runs around an embattled city, then there’s some sped up ship combat to the death. You may want to turn down the sound, though. The music is loud and not to everyone’s taste.

Party Barge vs. Kraken: They Died For The Lulz

In this hilarious video from BikeMan a party barge full of nearly nude ArcheAge players sets out on the sea out to fight the Kraken. It does not go well. But they died doing what they loved. And everyone went to a dance party after. That’s much more fun than real-life sea disasters.

Beta Signup Info for ArcheAge, Plus Video

If you want to get in the ArcheAge English beta when it opens, you’ll have to sign up first. Thankfully, Trion Worlds has a convenient form that’ll allow you to do just that. Sign up for the ArcheAge beta here: To whet your appetite, check out the video above. It’s a more tightly edited […]