ArcheAge Online CBT3 Gameplay Ship Battle Board Enemy Ship

ArcheAge Online CBT3 Gameplay Ship Battle Board Enemy Ship

ArcheAge Online CBT3 Day 3 Report – I wanted to kill them but we were outnumbered! http://www.steparu…


  1. Masters9828 says:

    korea only i think D:

  2. heroesofgames says:

    @lavoie84qc The thing is some people like myself like the Hotbar skills tab.

  3. n00bonastick says:

    @lavoie84qc Well the problem isn’t with the developer not moving forward. I
    mean it’s agreeable that the game itself visually is stunning beyond
    belief. but i suppose the best way to often make something so good is
    having to mix a bit of “old school” mechanic to make it work efficiently.
    Albeit there’s nothing wrong with trying something different, and i suppose
    this is a huge step forward to what most MMO’s lack. small steps like these
    create bigger opportunities for other games.

  4. Sofasoldier says:

    @TheTrampolineMen Now, I agree with you that hotbar games are boring.
    That’s just my opinion. HOWEVER, some do take actual skill. Go into a raid
    in World of Warcraft with the best gear in the game and not have a good
    group and you’ll get molested.

  5. Zafnok98 says:

    A few things: 1) Steparu, are you the only english speaker on the ENTIRE
    server…because it really seems that way…and 2)(Not directed at Steparu
    this time) what would put this game way over the edge would be sea
    monsters(If they don’t have them already) Game looks awesome, hope to see
    more gameplay videos. Oh and could you show some of the castle crafting??

  6. ZhouThien says:

    wow this is Totally awesome~! auto needs some work but dang this is
    greatest! one of the best graphics and options ^^ i love to swim ^^ wish
    there were sharks occasionally swiming by lol but guess with battleships
    there wont be sharks around haha cool!

  7. Xprevost94 says:

    @xilitol Just in case I’d like to remind you that if South Korea is doing
    so good right now it’s because the United States of America helped them
    because they were fighting the communists from the north. I’m not American
    nor Korean just saying.

  8. pumastp98 says:

    end!?!?!!?!? I cant wait tht much!

  9. Yes you can have your own ship and it is not a pirate game. It is land
    based game mostly though you can have ship and travel with it and fight
    beteen ships as well. This game can be really good! Hope it will get
    released in EU/NA and hope it will be p2p 🙂

  10. David Widmann says:

    @SuperDrunkMoose not a real review. it was more of a first-look. they were
    invited to the last event (can’t remember where that was located again).
    but imho you can’t rate a MMO until you deeply looked into endgame, that’s
    always my oppinion and ever will be

  11. Aimee Burrows says:

    ya, but apparently its almost impossible for it to release before 2013 >.<

  12. SizzlingBard says:

    The ocean looks nice to me. But i’ll past..

  13. Marwan Yehia says:

    isnt in that game english version

  14. thesaber903 says:

    cool thing about this is………Everything and the fact u can play a mage
    and be fully equiped in plate armor 🙂 – by the time this comes out ill be
    nearly fluent in Korean (im learning it now) so i wont have a problem with
    the language at all – but hopefully it will be available in europe

  15. nickm34456 says:

    @SizzlingBard pass*

  16. albericosa says:

    @TheTrampolineMen you obviously have no fucking clue what your talking about

  17. TheHyperCrushing says:

    @bitnaneunByul ikr some of them r

  18. Mouhsine Chdid says:

    Hello,can someone tell me if this game will be free to play(which i doubt)?
    i am not sure of it but i think if this game have subscription then its
    going to fail there is already an MMO exactly like this which is darkfall can someone tell me?

  19. pigeonpsycho says:

    HOLY JESUS FUCK!! This is the greatest MMO in the history of greatest MMOs
    ever made ever EVER!!!!!!!

  20. TheTrampolineMen says:

    @pigeonpsycho archeage’s combat system is wow’s combat system lol, wow
    sucks, blade and soul is the mmorpg with the most advanced combat system so
    stfu and stop embarrassing yourself kid. Blade and Soul>>>>>>Archeage Guild
    Wars 2>>>>>>Archeage TERA online>>>>>>Archeage The Secret
    World>>>>>>>Archeage Planetside 2>>>>>>Archeage

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