ArcheAge Online Character Creation Hariharan Female 1080p HD by Steparu

Eight videos of ArcheAge Online Character Customization organized by race/gender. Check the full playlist for the other races and gender. Like, Share, Commen…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. [R.A.T.S] says:

    That game is archeage not archeage online archeage online is the trion
    version being made for the English regions

  2. See someone create a character in ArcheAge. Thoughts? #archeage 

  3. Kael Rhain says:

    you dont say? 8D … it’s a korean game -.-

  4. deathscall1 says:

    7:12 lol now thats just creepy…i may do that though >_>

  5. GWsIronMaiden says:

    You went over the hair color like 6 times…

  6. The entire game is aswell….

  7. Gaming Channel says:

    haha I’m playing on the first server 🙂

  8. EvilGamerJ says:

    How do you managed to get in to these all the time? are you considered

  9. EvilGamerJ says:

    Is this CBT5?

  10. Gaming Channel says:

    It’s coming out in China soon after~

  11. alexandresan says:

    This game has such a great ost

  12. tanki motoko says:

    why is there two columns for hair?

  13. owneddiagonal says:

    They made the old registered accounts (via kssn) now to be verified via the
    new way… Im sad man. Cant play now

  14. Cosmo Guerini says:

    Holy shit, this gives me chills!

  15. merruJANAI says:

    I did …until the open beta ended ..since its kinda a pain in the ass to
    pay the game to play

  16. dragonlordess1 says:

    nice stuff for facial custimization but most mmos (from the ones ive
    played) don’t really show the characters face that much so i also like
    bodily creation to make it so can tell whos who easier in a crowed for
    example. otherwise 1 of 3 mmos that im interested in this year from what
    i’ve dug up

  17. Andrew Geyer says:

    they are going to add dwarves and some big beefy race

  18. edmanr2010 says:

    WHY ARCH AGE WHY! Give us body customization!

  19. Arney0408 says:

    07:13 I realy had to laugh 😀

  20. Goldfish says:

    Did you end up playing it? How is it? And you were on the Korean server

  21. Victor Hugo Celoni Gnatkovski says:

    Nice. 😀

  22. RedStarX5CJ says:

    very nice ….lol 2 nice and huge blades and uses an instrument to kill XD

  23. Giokaios says:


  24. I hope it is P2P, I don’t think such a good game cannot survive as F2P

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