ArcheAge Online (Gameplay)

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Archeage Online is an excellent Korean MMORPG that will be hitting American markets in 2014. This is a firstlook at the Russian edition with English commenta…
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  1. The moment I saw it was point and click I was like…..NOPE.

  2. Blade & Soul is better ;/ 

  3. Peter Badea says:

    yuck, tera actually looks better… asian mmo… they focus on graphics and
    combat the rest is garbage

  4. Sasha Lopatko says:

    ArcheAge cheat new

  5. Jerry Krasnosel'skii says:


  6. Fatandmad says:

    Damn, Thought it would be non target system, but whatever, still will

  7. EcchiNGore says:

    looks like shit honestly

  8. Khalil Karout says:

    Is this f2p

  9. Zerkfeury Akatzuki says:

    f.u blade and soul

  10. Rly? tab clic system!

  11. EgyptianGoodGamer says:

    this game is the best I am going to download it when the NA is released

  12. Jorge Sarasa says:

    So go play streefigther? Not like i like this game but you are just
    complaining on the whole MMO genre.

  13. gobSIDES says:

    P2P I would go with Rift tbh lots of content and great fun. F2P I would say
    give Age of Conan or Aion a go, or if you want something more dungeon based
    take a look at Continent of the Ninth or Vindictus. My personal fav MMORPG
    is def Rift though but it is a monthly fee game-Obviously Guild Wars 2 is
    good if you are willing to pay 30EUROs for it.

  14. Jordan Xanthopoulos says:

    WoW, ESO

  15. darksoul3100 says:

    or dodge/aim / and such also possible

  16. Lol, oh, not liking most point and click means you arent hardcore? well
    then, i didnt know being hardcore had to do with only one type of video

  17. PrinceNakasuki says:

    Or .//hack gear which consists a controller ouo

  18. MrIkillgamers says:

    do they have a translator for the game for english i will need one lol

  19. Luizjrs01gamer says:

    aaaahn…. i really prefer a controller to play games and not something
    that can explodes heads OuO”

  20. NemoNobody2092 says:

    Can anyone recommend a decent mmorpg?

  21. “humans, elves, weird cat things, and… asians” lol that cracked me up

  22. Nicolas E. Solano S. says:

    good game still waiting for it

  23. AnTREXon gaming says:

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