ArcheAge Opening Auroria Continent Nov. 4

ArcheAge starting to feel a bit small? Trion Worlds has confirmed it will be officially opening the Auroria continent Nov. 4, offering you new zones to explore and maybe a slightly better chance at claiming a piece of land for yourself.

Auroria adds six new zones to the game. Four are up for grabs for guilds to claim and rule from a castle they can build. Thirty percent more housing space will be available in these four zones.

Claiming the zones includes some difficult and expensive tasks, but allows the guild to collect property taxes in gold from other players. Holding onto the zones might be tough, though, as other guilds lay siege to your castle and try to take over the zone.

The update will also bring new content, including,:

• Serpentis, an end-game dungeon intended for 10 players.
• New elite enemies and field bosses.
• The Farm Wagon, which can hold a total of four trade packs=.
• The Steamfish Submarine.

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