ArcheAge Opening Cinematic ArcheAge offers a new opening cinematic to get people pumped for its 2013 launch. Be sure to check out our upcoming MMOHut/…


  1. GalaxySoldier says:


  2. Guney Kaya says:

    Cant wait!!!

  3. TrollBear1990 says:

    The Koreans have the best games because they are made in Asia, at least,
    all the MMORPGs.

  4. TrollBear1990 says:

    They’re really good at putting crazy twists in stories and shit.

  5. the trailer says: forget the old boring life of yours and welcome to our
    colourfull happy place

  6. VSDerpPlanetside2 says:

    ya your right well i cant complain to much its a few great mmorpgs that
    coming out this year for us

  7. Daniell de Jesus Candido says:

    this is too much awesome

  8. Bram De Clercq says:

    Is there any word even about an english version? Because seeing I really
    want to play this but to even get acces for the korean version you need
    like a korean cell number or something.

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