ArcheAge Player Documents Teleporting Bot Exploit

How would the economy of the real world be thrown off if someone could create an endless army of teleporting robots to do their bidding and collect resources for them? Wouldn’t be pretty, right? So think about the damage botters like the ones documented in this video are probably doing to ArcheAge’s virtual economy.

EraChanZ has captured a slick, never-ending botting stream using what appears to be a teleportation hack or glitch with bots teleporting inside, yes inside, a crafting station to make super speed tradepacks for obviously nefarious purposes. The crafting station is on the Dahuta server. EraChanZ is, understandably, quite disgusted with this skullduggery and calls on Trion Worlds to do more.

Trion Worlds, to its credit, has made some aggressive moves against botters and spammers including bans, but can the never-ending battle be won when you’re facing an evil artificially intelligent horde? We’re looking forward to seeing Trion’s next move.

Via Joystiq

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