ArcheAge Player Opens 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses

Before the launch of ArcheAge there was a bit of controversy about archeum drop rates and rewards. One intrepid, patient player, Madawac, recently gathered 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses and opened them all. You can watch the mindnumbingly repetitive 15 minute video above, or you can just skip to the end to check out his loot.

In the Reddit thread about the video, user Xalterax counted up what Madawac had gained from the madness.

1x Sunpoint
1x Starpoint
2x Moonpoints
26x Sunlight Shards
1x Sunlight Crystal
28x Moon Shards
5x Moon Crystals
18x Star Shards
5x Star Crystals
Bunch of other stuff
550,000 xp
59 gold

Pretty decent haul. Jester’s coin purses can be gained at relatively fast rate by farming high level mobs. Madawac said he earned this much in three or four days farming mobs with area of effect attacks. Of course you also need to be ready to use the labor points to actually open them.

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