ArcheAge Players Scammed by Botters, Trion Says

IGN has reported that some ArcheAge players found $150 Archeum Founder’s Packs charged to their accounts, founder’s packs they definitely didn’t pay for. The problem even extended to people who play other Trion Worlds’ games like Rift and had never heard of Archeage.

Trion has issued a statement saying it was not hacked. Instead, it says, botters are taking advantage of players and hijacking their accounts.

Let us start by saying this very clearly: Trion Worlds’ security has not been compromised in any way. There has been absolutely no breach in Trion’s servers.

What happened in the last few hours is sadly nothing new: Every day, bots obtain user credentials from various unprotected sites around the Internet, build lists of login and passwords, and try them on Trion’s servers (along with many other sites). If players consistently use simple or repeated passwords across different online services, these bots may get access to their accounts. Because of the current momentum around ArcheAge, hundreds of millions of such attempts were made from well over a million different IP addresses in the last few weeks, only a fraction of which ended up being successful today.

The team has already started providing refunds and all players affected by unwanted charges will be automatically refunded within the next few hours today.

As previously mentioned, this type of issue is recurrent in the online world and Trion has actually been working on a solution to address this particular problem for a while now. Coincidentally, starting Thursday, we are adding a new security feature to Glyph to help keep player accounts safe: When players log in from a new computer or a place that we haven’t seen them log in from before, they’ll be asked to verify that it really is them logging in, by entering a code emailed to their account’s primary email address.

If you see any funny charges, contact Trion customer support here. It also probably wouldn’t hurt to start using the Glyph Authenticator to give an extra layer of security to your Trion passwords.

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