ArcheAge Players Visit Shrine to RNGesus

When you’re trying to craft that rare set in ArcheAge, the random element can either mean you get something great or, whoops, you just wasted hours of your life. Sometimes you feel like you could use a little divine intervention.

That’s why players turn to RNGEsus. The RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and he’s a jokey way to try to gain an edge on the sometimes capricious and cruel dice-rolls that determine various things in MMORPG worlds.

Reddit user noirealise shared this shrine their friend made on Lucius. The pics are funny enough, but we love the text:


Left Tome

Praise him, through when all Delphinad flows.

Praise him, during upgrades and regrade woes.

Praise him above ye Haranyian stone.

Praise RNGesus and him alone.



Right Tome

Our father,

who art in the code

Random be thine rolls.

Thy drop rates scarce,

thy wrath be fierce.

for those who roll on all.

Give us this day our rares and uniques

and forgive those who die before a boss drop,

as we forgive the people who made that a thing.

And lead us not into pet gear,

but deliver us from sacrifice tokens,

for thine are the game mechanics,

and the rules

and the broken keyboards,

forever and ever.


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