ArcheAge Producer Previews 2015 Improvements

New ArcheAge Producer Mervin Lee Kwai has promised that Trion Worlds will tackle many of the problems that most irritate ArcheAge players this year.

In a new interview with, Kwai talked about bots, combating ArcheAge inflation, loyalty store items, arena and fishing tourneys, top tier rewards and new upcoming content.

Check out the full interview to read it all, but here are some highlights:

Kwai said Trion Worlds is working hard to get rid of hackers and botters and “thousands of bad actors” are being banned every day.

Talking about the fishing and arena tournaments, Kwai said these would be back, but expect the rewards to be much reduced from what they were in alpha because those were unbalanced for Trion’s version of the game. Rewards for the arena will include honor and gold, rewards for fishing tournaments will include skill bonus hats, fishing trophies and a mermaid bathtub. Sounds wacky.

Kwai sounded very excited about the upcoming new content, Secrets of Ayanad.

“The new Diamond Shores zone includes a smaller open world housing area, commerce hubs for both easterners and westerners, quests and creatures designed to supplement a player’s journey to the new level 55 cap and of course the Ayanad Library. The NA/EU version of Diamond Shores will be very similar to the Korean version with the exception of ours being PvP enabled. This is a hot topic with our players right now with equal parts supporting the change and others against it. Our main goal with the change is to encourage world PvP and remain similar to the other 6 Auroria zones in which PvP is also enabled. The new Ayanad Library Dungeon will remain a no-PvP area to provide at least some respite for players who are focusing on PvE objectives,” Kwai said.


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