ArcheAge Puts a Bounty on Bots

You hate bots. I hate bots. Everyone hates bots because they are soulless, fun-ruining automatons.

Well, it seems like Trion Worlds has come up with a way for ArcheAge players to combat bots that lets you take out a little of that animosity, and maybe get a nice reward.

According to Kiwi Dream, he spotted three bots while playing the ArcheAge alpha. They were doing a very botlike thing, repetitively killing the same mob in a group for an hour.

Kiwi Dream reported all three bots, which cost him 25 labor points, the “currency” that allows players to make or do things in ArcheAge.

Later he got a message from the GM thanking him for reporting the bots. Not only did they refund the labor, but he was given a 25 labor point bonus for accuracy.

If this system continues into the game, it looks like Trion has set up a way to encourage players to be useful online citizens and report bots. Of course, you would need to be sure the person you’re reporting actually is a bot to avoid losing the labor. But it’s a promising sign that something is being done about an ever-present MMORPG problem.

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