ArcheAge – PvP ~ Vol. 18 Go Go Russia 1440p

Decided to give Russian ArcheAge a try since it’s still pre 1.0. Quit in Korea since the newest patch killed the game totally :(. Russia is still on a right …
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INFOS°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° GUIDE LINK:…
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  1. Евгений Варакута says:

    you can check queue @
    and you can ask me about the translation or etc.
    I play on the first server called Луций
    “Russia is still on a right track and could make a difference at least for
    me it’s the last hope ever touching archeage again.” will follow
    all korean patches

  2. Manuel rodriguez says:

    what happend in last patch korea?

  3. Max Majestic says:

    Why you choosed fort and not will? Do you feel lack of mobility and
    problems with mags? Sor for bad Eng

  4. hey dude, i started playing at a russian server a few days a go with some
    friends but we still are lv 30, is there a lot of pvp activity in liberty
    island and other places, like in your korean aa videos? because thats what
    motivates me to play

  5. What programs do you record and convert video?

  6. Ahmed ElSeadawy says:

    hi pro 🙂
    i have played aion but i left the game since patch 4.0
    but i now saw alot of good mmorpg games like archeage & bless & blade &
    so i don’t know how to play any of them or know the best game now i need
    you to tell me what is the best from ( Bless , Archeage , Blade & Soul ) 😀
    and sry for my bad english and thanks

    like & subscribed :)

  7. 0987zxcv0987 says:

    What happened to the Korean version that makes you not want to play

  8. dido dodi says:

    english patch link for non russian fan of archeage follow the guide bellow to qpply the EN patch
    1. Unzip the downloaded folder
    2. Open patch.bat with Notepad (or some other similar software)
    3. Replace “C:GamesMailRuArcheAgegame_pak” with the location of game_pak on
    your computer, inside the ArcheAge folder
    4. Run patch.bat and wait for it to be finished
    5. Play ArcheAge!
    (cred to tuoret for instructions)
    If everything works, once you run the patch.bat, it should display some
    stuff and ask if it should proceed. If it just opens and closes it is not

  9. What is the skill that shoots like rapid fire.

  10. StraTerr says:

    Wellcome 2 the Russia! Server?

  11. BrowniBabyGirl says:

    LOL @ the fail at 2:47

  12. RunningRiotX says:


  13. Denys Kukhniy says:

    What’s your ping to server?

  14. Let´s Play ArcheAge - Das Videomagazin says:

    Daumen hoch.
    Liebe Subber, gebt nen Daumen für die Clubber (Reim des Tages ^^)

  15. Pästan Sturm says:

    *daumen hochdrück*

  16. DAOhoernchen says:

    Bin noch ganz durch’s Vid, aber die Taste für den Gleiter ist die
    Leertaste, zu sehen in fast jedem Video von Onkel Fido ;)

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