ArcheAge – PvP ~ Vol. 6

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  1. InporylemQQ says:

    It’S getting quite theme parkish each patch. Also the amount of safe zones
    and riskless PvP makes it dull.

  2. MrRavenwrath says:

    Dodge is RNG and only the vocation tree has one ability that “dodges” on
    command (jump backwards while increasing the rng somewhat). There is one
    Stunimmunity skill in the will tree other than that, which does not break
    stuns. The reason they still shouldnt complain is that this game isnt build
    around 1v1 where chainstunning is a winoption, but around group fights. 1
    Guy with Artistic tree can make a party wide cc immunity song for example
    to protect his team from getting chain cced. just fyi.

  3. InporylemQQ says:


  4. InporylemQQ says:


  5. Kabo0se5 says:

    People complain about the CC mechanics, but from what I’ve seen it looks
    fair. Players can dodge, so if they don’t dodge the right skills, they are
    bad, and complain.

  6. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Can’t wait to finally waste my time on ArcheAge! 😉

  7. Hidden Osage says:

    Honestly after looking at all the features and gameplay and mechanics i
    have one question. What does this game dont have? Cauz it seems like it
    have everything

  8. InporylemQQ says:

    Check this one watch?v=tEDNpqQI4gY

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