It’s Five Verus Freedich in Fun ArcheAge PVP Vid

Here’s a video from Ides Gaming that shows that when the conditions are right, ArcheAge can offer one of the most fun PVP experiences on the market. In this video Aladdin and four friends steal some packs and head to turn them in at Freedich, where to their surprise, they were met with a lot […]

ArcheAge Patch Starts Auroria Sieges Sooner and Adds Anti-Cheat Upgrades

A new update to ArcheAge will up the timetable on Auroria sieges, attempt to dial down the number of false positive disconnections caused by HackShield, strengthen the spam filter and add some new anti-hacking software. Wanna defend that castle? You’d better hustle. The patch  is scheduled to be applied today, Nov. 14, in both North […]

Galleons Clash in This ArcheAge PVP Video

ArcheAge’s naval combat is one element that sets it apart from run-of-the mill MMORPGs, and this video from Erza Scarlet demonstrates why. This battle on Kyprosa features a very serious guild getting their galleon involved in an epic clash with another galleon and a bunch of clippers. And losing, but its all just for fun. […]

Watch This Chaotic 200-Person ArcheAge Battle

There are a lot of people trying to play ArcheAge in its first week after launch. You’ve probably noticed the server queues. So it shouldn’t be too hard to find some big PVP battles, but even so this fight from Dervy, which is described as the War at Hasla, is intense. It features an alleged […]

Some ArcheAge Beta Impressions

The first ArcheAge closed beta event has ended. How did it go down with gamers? This video from Dervy shows one perspective. “I had such a good time playing this game. If you’re looking for a game that is focused on the PVP and the game revolves around PVP. Or be a pirate, be a […]

One-on-One Arena PVP With a Daggerspell

There’s nothing like testing yourself in one-on-one MMO PVP duels. Duking it out mano-a-mano. By the way, mano-a-mano means hand to hand, not man to man, that’s one a lot of people get wrong. Pohx Kappa has released a new video where he puts his Daggerspell character up against a host of other opponents in […]

One Player’s Take on Where ArcheAge Falls Short

With an upcoming game release it’s pretty easy to fall into a cycle of hype, hype, hype. But sometimes it’s a good thing to take a step back and look at where a game can be improved. Israii has done this with a well thought-out blog post on ArcheAge’s short-comings, and even if you don’t […]