ArcheAge Server Transfers (to Reduce Server Load) Coming Soon

Is your server simply too popular? Can you just not get through the queue?

Trion Worlds says that there might be a remedy for your plight, soon. In a forum post, ArcheAge Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman said that server transfers are one of the remedies being considered.

“A series of tasks we’re working on will help reduce the long server queues. We have new EU servers being added this week to help balance the load of players from the existing servers. Additionally, an improved AFK kick is being delivered from XLGAMES this week which means more active players in each server. Finally, we’re working with XLGAMES to offer server transfers to lower-population servers,” Scapes wrote.

This is good news if you don’t mind transferring and just want to play. But I can also see players who have gotten to play enough to become attached to guilds or friends on their old servers not wanting to take the offer. Still, everyone who moves lessens the load.

Also, so far this sounds like it’s only a load balancing issue to move players off overpopulated servers and on to lower population ones, and not the much-requested feature to allow server transfers for any reason. We’ll let you know if this is clarified.

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