ArcheAge Servers Suffer Extended Downtime

ArcheAge fans recently had to put up with some extended holiday downtime. Server issues that cropped up Sunday made the servers difficult or impossible to access for more than a day. While Trion Worlds worked to fix the problems there were annoying queues. downtimes and other inconveniences as it attempted to set things back in the proper order.

A quick check shows the servers are mostly up now, with a few exceptions. But fans were not happy about the issues. Trion released a statement during the outage to Massively saying it was hard at work on the problem.

“The team’s been working all night and has already made a lot of progress improving things and are currently working on fixing the remaining problems with XL GAMES’ help. We should have updates coming to the community in the next few hours.”

Trion Worlds has also promised “generous compensation” to the players that were shut out.

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