ArcheAge, Ships and Naval Combat Closed Beta 3

Hanging out at the docks while waiting to make a Ship ends up getting out of hand and us joining and free for all sea battle,,,, RESULT!!!

Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. mbchudno says:

    lol, bard is humping a mast at 2:00

  2. AspiraGames says:

    IN THE NAVY!!!!

  3. daimyo21 says:

    horses can swim! Niice

  4. starshipdutchie says:

    @pigeonpsycho Why do you post that exact same comment on every Archeage
    video man? It’s really starting to annoy me…

  5. AspiraGames says:

    @pigeonpsycho Yea from the week we had playing it, it was one of the better
    MMO experiences I have had in a long time.

  6. I wish I knew Korean =/

  7. Sebastian Westby says:

    holy shit

  8. livingspiral says:

    Looks stunning. I’m not an MMO player, but this is simply too fantastic
    looking to not try.

  9. Cryengine ftw!

  10. intrus012 says:

    Looking forward to giving this a shot, just hope it doesn’t die like all
    the rest …

  11. FreneticfangsFL says:

    Epic indeed. Can’t wait!

  12. BaGGs555556 says:

    @ZhouThien Its an ingame OST

  13. ZhouThien says:

    wow what soundtrack is that in the background?

  14. Pupixario says:


  15. ZhouThien says:

    so where do you download this game in english..or is it now out yet? beta
    is fine with me too pls help…anytime its ready to play..pls reply and let
    me know thanks a lot

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