ArcheAge – The Greatest MMO Created

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Video Rating: 2 / 5


  1. roguebabydoll says:

    excuse me, but i am not a sir, sir.

  2. owneddiagonal says:

    Always interesting seeing fanboys from other games, mostly gw2, coming to a
    archeage video. I cant really tell what they are doing here if they dont
    like this game. If you dont like a game u wont concentrate on that. But if
    u do u must show some interest. At this point i think its more a threat for
    those people? Could it be that archeage offers everything other games have
    and simply much more?

  3. TheFunkyGames says:


  4. KingKaio says:

    I didn’t say it was the best mmo, that’s a matter of opinion. It’s
    certainly superior visually than WoW, ArcheAge and GW2. It wasn’t given a
    chance because it’s not your typical WoW clone mmo.

  5. TheFunkyGames says:

    This is an opinion so dont start freaking out, but this game looks like
    complete shit

  6. machoalright says:

    Sorry i didnt had anough coffee when i read it. my reaction towards you was

  7. gw2fanboi says:

    you about the same tard. you fail to understand all the mmo do the same.
    tell me who dont have a cash shop. else wich bother me also, the gold
    spammers. no word or troll bout them ofcourse. no reaction to that. why
    start now about cashshops while it excist for more then 6 years.

  8. gw2fanboi says:

    looks good. i can not comment on anything else.

  9. TheFunkyGames says:

    Why do assume we are disliking his videos because he is correct? We are
    disliking his videos because we disagree with what he said and how he did
    it, like how he kept on saying on how much of a scam and how stupid it is
    etc. Therefore we do not think he is right about what he said, we simply do
    not like him.

  10. KingKaio says:

    lol Whatever dude. The only mmo I’m interested in is FFXIV which WoW
    fanboys like you shit on even though it is graphically superior to GW2 and

  11. Infinite Retro says:

    is FF14 2.0 a lot better man? cos i was hyped when i saw the trailers for
    ff14 originally but it bombed and it disappointed me cos i never even got
    the chance. got any links you can pm man? cos if its a lot better i think
    i’ll be getting into it.

  12. iAussieGamer says:

    is that your comeback to say im a Wow fanboy even though you don’t know me
    or what I like ROFL man come one think of a better comeback than that as im
    now WOW fanboy at all.

  13. WorldCGI says:

    I do have high hopes for this game. All the video content ships, castle
    sieges etc it all looks amazing. But the dream popped when they said Cry
    Engine 3. (Aion) If you have ever played a siege in Aion you know that it’s
    a major fail. First graphics drop to shadow lines then all the characters
    disappear to labels, then the lag and the crashing. Unless you have a 10
    gig net pipe this thing is going to be a giant bugomania. The Asian MMO
    model is becoming look great, get the sale, move on.

  14. machoalright says:

    LOL nice choice of words 😛

  15. Makeitso Falonaburgerman says:

    Why do they use a old fashion credit card swiper for their sword slice

  16. solace181 says:

    Aion doesn’t run on Cry Engine 3, as far as I know it uses the original. No
    idea how CE3 will work with an mmo or if it will be different, but I’ll
    wait until a beta to confirm it is bad like Aion before dismissing it, I’d
    suggest you do the same.

  17. Ouroboros70 says:

    Where is your chin man? I can see why the stubble is there.

  18. KingKaio says:

    I don’t see how.

  19. TheFunkyGames says:

    I am not going to judge your opinion, but I disagree.

  20. machoalright says:

    ah didnt mommy gave you a lolly?

  21. KingKaio says:

    Visually unimpressive to me. I like how you can make your own houses and
    build forests but character animations look stiff, enviorments are bland
    and combat looks like a poor clone of WoW. MMO gamers have weird tastes to

  22. MetalheadJakeG says:

    That’s not how you spell “Planetside 2”, Retro. The fuck does this video
    have to do with PS2 anyway?

  23. YoungNastyBoy1 says:

    It looks dated. Blade & Soul, another Korean made game looks better than

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